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Two days ago I wrote my last Polish-language post. For more than 4 years I have been enjoying writing for Polish people, but three days ago - maybe I should say "finally" - the decision was made. It's time to switch to the language of Shakespeare.

<now there'll be a long 'blah blah blah'; if you're interested in music only, wait for the next post>

I started csgm back on 2013 when I was a 'care-about-nothing' college guy. I had a scholarship, so I wasn't interested in working so much. I had a lot of free-time that I was spending on having fun (oh yeah - 'having fun' could have so many meanings ^^) and searching the Internet to find some great new music. One day, my good friend asked me:
- klsk, where do you find this whole music?
- On YouTube, on SoundCloud, but mostly on a foreign music blogs, which serves some good music daily.
- So, why haven't you started that kind of blog yet?

That was a good idea, so I decided to put it into practice. Firstly, I was writing only for my friends, who have a similar music taste. Back then I had no idea, that csgm will ever turn into that great thing, that it is right now. 

After a few months of writing about music, csgm gets its first likes from unknown people. In the same year, I got the first e-mail with a music directly from a band. To be honest, it wasn't something special, but I was so excited, that I wrote about their song immediately. Everything went great until the monster called 'adult life' came and said 'you're mine now!'. 

Full-time job and a lot of other things caused that I stopped writing systematically. There were only short breaks at the beginning, but then they extended to a few days, few weeks, few months...

Right now, after another 3-month long hiatus, I have a more than 17k unread e-mails. There's no ability to read them all, but in the meantime, I found a lot of really great music and I want to share it with you. So, I looked at all these Analytics data and I draw some conclusions. For a lot of time, most of the entries on my blog are from English-language countries. I have more followers on HypeMachine than on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ put together. I had no choice. I decided to say 'CU' to all my Polish fans and try to take my chances in English.

I must admit that I wanted to wait for my new website, but when I realized that I bought a domain for it almost two years ago, I decided to start it right here, right now. Maybe it's a wrong decision, but you know, I think that it'll be like:

So, I'm here - in a front of a new challenge, but I'm pretty sure that it'll be a really nice experience, too. Saying "Hello" to you with a hope that you'll find some extraordinary music gems here.

Now it's time for some music.

All the best,

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