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New Music #06/06

Do you know these Sundays, when you're laying in your bed, thinking "it'll be a great Monday"? Then the Monday comes and gives you a hard kick right into your face. Yup, it was one of those days. Fortunately, I've got some energy back - thanks to the great songs, of course!

Let's start with a song that I've heard on Friday, but I haven't enough time to write about it. It's a new song by LA synth-pop duo courtship. and to be honest - it's perfect. I truly love that melody, I'm impressed by the lyrics and I like the vocals. What else to expect?

courtship. - Perfect People

If the first one wasn't enough relaxing for you, just check Motions by Shoffy. It's one of these songs that I prefer to listen in headphones with my eyes closed. I'm forgetting about every bad things and just flying with the melody. If we take into account that Shoffy sang, produced, wrote, played guitar and mastered the track... well, respect!

Shoffy - Motions

official website

OK, it's time to get back to the electronic vibes. You may be already quite aware of some Super Duper's productions because he made a couple of great tracks. Now he's back with his new single called Nothing Scares Us that he made with Daniella Mason and it's a really catchy electro-pop gem.

Super Duper - Nothing Scares Us (feat. Daniella Mason)

twitter - Daniella Mason
official website - Daniella Mason

I'm always afraid of these funny e-mails with a great sense of humor. Because when the first words in the e-mail are "My mom said I should write to blogs to show them my music. And my mom is always right." you automatically feel sympathy for the author. And you want to listen to the real good music, not just another crap. Thankfully, Stephen's mom was 100% right - Call The Light is a really great track! If you don't know - Stephen is a 1/2 of a Berlin-based duo I'm Not A Band - they're planning to release an album in September and Call The Light is the 2nd single from it.

I'm Not A Band - Call The Light

In every post, there's a song that can be described as "The Hook". In this one, it should be a Ghost by Secret Weapons. If you hear that sax even once, it'll stay in your head for a long time. Of course, it doesn't mean that the rest of the song is worst - we have a really nice vocal and lyrics (it's about a horribly traumatic event that Secret Weapons members suffered - it left them feeling like ghosts in their own bodies). And that groovy, funky guitar - it's really cool!

Secret Weapons - Ghost

official website

A secret dialogue between Ryan Riback and his friend:
- Dude, it's a great beat!
- Thanks, buddy, it just needs some vocal on it...
- So what you waiting for? Just find some chick and record it!
OK, maybe it wasn't exactly like that. But you have to admit that without some chick's vocals this track wouldn't be so good. What more should I say? Ryan Riback just made another great electronic track!

Ryan Riback - One Last Time (ft. some chick)

twitter - some chick

Nylo appears on the csgm for the first time an exactly week ago - it was definitely too late because she recorded a lot of cool songs earlier. Now I have a good occasion to fix that mistake - 3 days ago she released her new single Time Changes Everything. It's a smooth, R&B, electronic track that perfectly suits csgm vibes. Check it out:

Nylo - Time Changes Everything

I already wrote about my love to Scandinavian musicians. So, how could I dislike this song when it's made by Norwegian and Swedish producers? Yup, The Uniøn is Tormod Løkling from Norway and Henrik Moreborg from Sweden - they joined forces in 2016 and since then they were working with other artists. Now they've decided to start releasing their own music and No Good For You is their first single. This EDM banger definitely deserves your attention.

The Uniøn - No Good For You (feat. Lovespeake)

twitter - Lovespeake

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