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New Music #04/06

Hi there! We have a really beautiful, warm Tuesday here in Poland, so it's a perfect day to share some great music with you.

Woodes has appeared on csgm only once so far - when I wrote about her Daggers & Knives, but I know her self-titled EP inside out. It met with a huge critical acclaim, but it doesn't surprise me because it was a piece of pure art. Now she's back with her new single and I have to shout "WOAH!". Run For It is even better than her previous tracks. That melody reminds me of the best Woodkid's productions. It's so powerful!

Woodes - Run For It

official website

After that strong beginning, we have to chill down a little bit. No More by Alex Lustig should be perfect for that. He is a Belgian musician who's building his reputation as a solo artist. He made his newest track in collaboration with Akacia (you may know her voice from phenomenal Gold that she made with Cabu) and OnCue. On this track, Alex was trying to mix ambient deep chords with hip-hop and slight trap elements. What can I say? He achieved his goal! Listen to that song and fly.

Alex Lustig - No More (ft. Akacia & OnCue)

facebook - Akacia
twitter Akacia
facebook - OnCue
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official website OnCue

Let's come back to the more lively songs. The first one is by LO - he's a Mannheim-based artist, emerging from the scene of bedroom producers. His new single is made with Norwegian R&B singers Andreyun and Louam. So, he found them and probably now he's seeing Colors Of The Sun. Thanks to that collaboration, we have a song with a fun, bouncy electronic beat, but it also has an R&B and hip-hop vibes. Cool!

LO - Colors Of The Sun (feat. Andreyun x Louam)

facebook - Andreyun
twitter - Andreyun
facebook - Louam
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official website - Louam

Now it's time for the first and only remix on that post. Varien took The Wolf by Savoy and Bright Lights and put some really hard vibes into it. It's starting softly and warming up gently but when it comes to the drop... Woohoo, guys! It's trippy, it's dope, it's devastating, it's great! Check it out:

Savoy x Bright Lights - The Wolf (Varien Remix)

official website

Here comes the hardest part. Because I don't even know what to say, I just have no words. You need to know that Florence Welch is my goddess and I also love the climate of Lana del Rey songs. And you know what? London-based Marna sounds like an illegitimate child of that two artists. Her debut is so good that it's beyond my imagination. I can only laugh because "marna" in Polish means "paltry" - and she's definitely not paltry! I'm telling you - HAVE. AN. EYE. ON. HER!

Marna - Crossfire

My Polish readers surely know that I have a huge respect for Scandinavian artists. In these times, they often set the direction in which the modern music will follow. So, you shouldn't be surprised that I fell in love with a second single by Danish duo WIINSTON. It's full of dark R&B vibes and it's one of these songs, that you should listen with your eyes closed.



Did I mention that I love Scandinavian artists? Yeah, so here's another one! LINES is a four-piece band from the capital of Sweden. They made a really huge debut two months ago with their song Weekend and now they're back with their follow up. It's called You and I think that it's even better than Weekend. It's so catchy - I loved that hook and that verse especially: "Yeah, it's you - always on my mind (...) all the fuckin' time!". Great song!


official website

I love groovy hip-hop mixed with funk as much as Scandinavian artists. That's why we're ending with a Late Night by Pierre Andrews, Wes Writer and Larry g(EE). Feel that vibes and stay tuned!

Pierre Andrews - Late Night (ft. Wes Writer & Larry g(EE))

twitter - Wes Writer
facebook - Larry g(EE)
twitter - Larry g(EE)
official website - Larry g(EE)

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