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New Music #07/06

Since yesterday, we've got a really charming weather in Poland. When I'm at work, there's beautiful sun and about 93 degrees (God bless air conditioning), but right after my return home, an Armageddon starts. Lightning everywhere, flying branches and rain that's falling horizontally. Maybe that's why today I've got some electronic thunderstrikes for you.

Let's start with an absolutely incredible future bass gem by Vincent Achram. It's called Kiss Your Scars and it's made with Bryan Finlay on vocal (amazing vocal). We've got a really great sampling here and a really cool bass drop. Energizing!

Vincent Achram - Kiss Your Scars (ft. Bryan Finlay)

twitter - Bryan Finlay

There's one guy who probably can release a heavy-metal track that I'll love. I don't know what's in his mind, but Lucian never lets me down. His new track is a little bit darker than his recent productions, but it's as same cool. I wrote that in Polish once, but need to repeat - this guy has just an INCREDIBLE sense of how to choose guest vocalists. This beat and LIA's vocal = pure perfection.

Lucian - Need U (ft. LIA)

facebook - LIA

It's always hard to hear something right after new Lucian song, but I'm happy to say, that he's got serious competition. I didn't hear about a Ruben Young earlier, but I fell in love with his new track right after hearing it for the first time. Running For You is a well-produced future R&B song that's got a lot of soulful vibes. And that voice... WOW! It's the second single from his upcoming EP, that I'm waiting for with impatience.

Ruben Young - Running For You

official website

OK, we've got this three electronic diamonds, so it's time to slow down a little. This song is electronic too, but it's definitely not a club banger. If I had to choose one word that describes this song, it would be 'haunting'. Yeah, I feel shivers all over my body when I'm listening to One Last Time by Roniit. It takes you somewhere else.

Roniit - One Last Time

official website

Let's back from 'somewhere else' to a place with the greatest future bass tracks. Next one is a Memories by Steam Phunk and Apsley and it's... Do I really need to say something more? Just listen to it and you won't be disappointed, I promise.

Steam Phunk - Memories (ft. Apsley)

facebook - Apsley
twitter - Apsley
official website - Apsley

isle&fever is another band that I've heard today for the first time. In a press information, we can read that "they share a passion for the beat-driven classics of the 70's and 80's, while constantly embracing the new sonic textures of the 21st Century". To be honest - it's the best description of their new track called Keep Workin. We can hear modern electronic in it, but it also has that cool 80's vibes. Groovy! Funky!

isle&fever - Keep Workin

official website

You may like Rihanna or hate her, but you have to admit one thing - she's got a team that's making one hit after another. Is it possible to make them even more catchy? Yes! Just check the LZRD & Ship Wrek remix of her Desperado. Dope!

Rihanna - Desperado (LZRD & Ship Wrek Remix)

twitter - Ship Wrek

And last but not least - new Whethan's song. You probably know that this guy has an incredible skill in making catchy beats. Though Good Nights may not be my favorite track by Whethan (Savage is the best!!!) it's still worth your attention.

Whethan - Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)

facebook - Mascolo
twitter - Mascolo
official website - Mascolo

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