niedziela, 29 lipca 2018

Mushroom People - La La La La Lie

Who: Mushroom People Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because this should be a massive hit. Because this is a banger. Because this song is unbelievably good and I'm not la la la la lying.

Leyya - Wannabe

Who: Leyya Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because it's so joyful! And that sick hook - it stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

Emotional Oranges - Personal

Who: Emotional Oranges Facebook Twitter 

Why: Because the bassline in that one is incredible! And this guitar at the end - eargasm!

Follies & Vices - Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Who: Follies & Vices Facebook Twitter

Why: Because it needed only 11 seconds to blow my mind. Holy shit, that song is 10/10 for me. Amazing blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and even some punk vibes. Yeah, it would be easiest to compare them to Twenty-One Pilots, but hell no! They're different, they have their own style and sorry guys, but I have to tell you that I love you.

Oli Hannaford - Considering Both Sides (ft. Marna)

Who: Oli Hannaford Facebook Twitter Marna Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because it gave me chills - it's all I ask for.

Where: SoundCloud Spotify AppleMusic

Yoke Lore - Ride

Who: Yoke Lore Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because I like his distinctive vocal since I've heard Heavy Love for the first time. So I won't wait another day, I won't wait another day and I'll share his new song with you right now. If you like that one, don't forget to listen to the whole Absolutes EP which is out now!

Dev09 - Bored

Who: Dev09 Facebook Twitter 

Why: Because you can't be f*cking bored listening to that song. Reminds me of old BANKS songs.

WITHOUT - Talking Bout Me (ft. Empara Mi)

Who: WITHOUT Facebook Twitter Empara Mi Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because of the wonderful mix of 90's R&B style and modern electronic. Because of the stunning Empara's vocal. Because we have a Polish accent in that one - video is directed by London-based Polish photographer and filmmaker - Marta Brodacka.

10Digits - Feeling (ft. ShaqIsDope, Joshua Ledet & Jordan Alexander)

Who: 10Digits Facebook Twitter Website
ShaqIsDope Facebook Twitter 
Joshua Ledet Facebook Twitter Website
Jordan Alexander Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because this is one of the best songs that I've heard this month. Because of the perfect selection of guest vocals. Because of that bass drop!

Pretty Sister - New Fire (ft. MarcLo)

Who: Pretty Sister Facebook Twitter Website 
MarcLo Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because my favourite Z-Funk creator made a song that will brighten up every morning. Again!

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sobota, 28 lipca 2018

BEAUZ - Firefly (ft. Ameria)

Who: BEAUZ Facebook Twitter Website Ameria Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because it could be a perfect soundtrack for the ongoing summer.

Nic Pool - The Falls

Who: Nic Pool Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because it's that kind of debut that makes you sure about the quality of his next songs - you only have to wait for more.

Tentendo - Ghost (feat. Blasko)

Who: Tentendo Facebook Twitter Blasko Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because of its phenomenal hook and that cool funky vibes.

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic

Chantitown - Mother Of Sun

Who: Chantitown Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because this song is simply beautiful. Because our Polish "Mother of Sun" - Kora from Maanam - died today, and I can't stop thinking of her while I'm listening to that song.

środa, 18 lipca 2018

niedziela, 15 lipca 2018

REFS - Play God / Bound To Love

Who: REFS Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because I had to write about them about a year ago. Then I quit running a blog. Now I came across then again. Because they're really worth checking.

Play God

Bound To Love

Meg Myers - Tourniquet

Who: Meg Myers Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because of its phenomenal, dark, mysterious atmosphere.

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic Deezer

sobota, 14 lipca 2018

Avonlea - It Sucks

Who: Avonlea Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because (except that it's a great song, of course) Avonlea's 10 2 17 project seems to be quite interesting - it will feature a series of songs detailing the different stages of the young starlet's adolescence and acts as an expression of the emotions brought upon by coming of age. This song narrows in on the 14-15 age range.

MARIAMI - Electrify My Heart

Who: MARIAMI Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because that nice song will electrify your hearts. Because of that catchy chorus.

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic

Anjulie & Pusher - All We Can Do

Who: Anjulie Facebook Twitter Pusher Facebook Twitter

Why: Because aside from its funny, party vibe, the lyrics really make you think about Something Important. Because maybe we can do something more than dance.

wtorek, 10 lipca 2018

Riley - Innocence

Who: Riley Twitter

Why: Because from the first seconds of the song I felt that I will love that one. And because of that distinctive, intriguing vocal.

poniedziałek, 9 lipca 2018

Moli - Comfortable

Who: Moli Facebook

Why: Because this funky-pop piece of art will make you feel very comfortable (unless you're in an uncomfortable relationship from lyrics).

Where: SoundCloud Spotify

Zoe Nash - Lovebug / Rather Die

Who: Zoe Nash Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because her songs are my lovebugs right now. I love her voice since I've heard The Beautiful & Damned by G-Eazy for the first time. And I want more!


Rather Die

niedziela, 8 lipca 2018

Ben Khan - a.t.w. (against the wall) / 2000 Angels


Who: Ben Khan Facebook Twitter Website

Why: Because I believe that Savage by Ben Khan is still one of the best songs that I've ever written about on csgm. So, when I found out that he's finally about to release his debut album, I had to share that information with you. Yeah, after three years of silence, this London-based artist is back with some new music. Most importantly, he still sounds like a futuristic Justin Timberlake after a huge portion of magic mushrooms. Right now he releases four new songs - two of them you'll find below. Ben is planning to release his debut album on August 10th. It's only 26 days of waiting.

a.t.w. (against the wall)

2000 Angels