niedziela, 17 stycznia 2021

czwartek, 14 stycznia 2021

Abra Taylor - Feels Like This

Who: Abra Taylor Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I can’t explain but if I did...

Leire - Waterfall

Who: Leire Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I'm waiting for a change of a lifetime...

Carter Wilson - Meet Me There

Who: Carter Wilson Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I hope that you been staying strong...

ANNNA - Happy Pill

Who: ANNNA Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I wanna laugh at things that don’t make sense.

niedziela, 10 stycznia 2021

Mia Mormino - Chatter

Who: Mia Mormino Facebook Instagram Website

Why: Because I've learned that love is a burn...

EllaHarp - Shotgun Sadie (feat. The False Bottom Band)

Who: EllaHarp
Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
The False Bottom Band Facebook

Why: Because you gave me a word that you'll never do me wrong...

ELYS!AN - Archangel (feat. Meggie York)

Why: Because I think the only one I’m waiting on is myself.

JC Cassis - Dance Dance Dance

Who: JC Cassis Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I shouldn't care what they think...

sobota, 9 stycznia 2021

Lyhre - ilu

Who: Lyhre Facebook Instagram

Why: Because I love you more than anyone could do...

Bree Mignano - My Own Invention

Who: Bree Mignano Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because it’s no fun if there’s no score...

Jack Omstead - Cookie Monster

Who: Jack Omstead Facebook Instagram

Why: Because I like my cookies but I also like you!

mr. Gnome - Midnight Sun

Who: mr. Gnome Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because let the rhythm take over now!