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New Music #01/06 (Part II)


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When I'm thinking about Ashe, I'm hearing extremely positive sounds of Can't Hide by Whethan. From now on, I'll be hearing even more of that sounds, because her Used To It have the most optimistic beat ever. You can't say that about the new song by London duo TENDER. Their song is definitely more dark and mysterious - exactly as I expected, knowing their earlier songs such as Violence.

Ashe - Used To It


You were missing the positive vibes, weren't you? Calm down, I have more of them for you. Just listen to this extraordinary remix of Jocelyn Alice's Bound To You. It was made by Pluto - I'm usually trying to avoid putting the same artist in one post twice, but this remix is so amazing that I have to make an exception.

Jocelyn Alice - Bound To You (Pluto Remix)

facebook - Pluto

The second remix on that playlist is made by it's different and Kivnon. They reached for Prblms by 6LACK and they put a soul of classic hip-hop in it, then mixed it with some fresh electronics. Next one is a Fairytale by BLESSED. Am I the only one who sings "The 21st night of September" right after the first verse? It's stronger than me!

6LACK - Prblms (it's different x Kivnon Remix)

facebook - it's different

BLESSED - Fairytale


If you're looking for some powerful voice that suits perfectly to soul-pop songs, you have to check a new song by ENISAGlory Days contains everything that delighted me in her Burn This Bridge.

ENISA - Glory Days


Last two songs on playlists are new propositions from artists who appeared on a csgm earlier. It's I'm a Dreamer by Violet Days (a truly pop masterpiece that I want to hear on a Polish radio stations) and Woman by Emmit Fenn (atmospheric ballad - maybe not as good as Painting Greys but still worth your attention).

Violet Days - I'm a Dreamer


Emmit Fenn - Woman

It's everything from me right now. Hope that in a few days I'll have another playlist for you.

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