wtorek, 20 listopada 2018

Claire Ridgely - California

Who: Claire Ridgely Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it gave me shivers and this is the best feeling that a song can make. And who doesn't want to live in California, FFS?

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poniedziałek, 19 listopada 2018

Brasstracks - Vibrant (feat. Pell)

Who: Brasstracks Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
Pell Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because this one is perfect for me. 10/10!

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Denvre - Make It Right

Who: Denvre Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because there is always hope that we can make something right.

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Gabriel Gassi - Rosebud

Who: Gabriel Gassi Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because everyone played "The Sims", right?

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Maggie Lindemann - Would I

Who: Maggie Lindemann Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because everything is never enough.

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Majestic Minds - Doing This My Own Way (feat. Haides & Marlie)

Who: Majestic Minds Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it's good to have some dance sounds on a tiring Monday!

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Petrie - Regulate

Who: Petrie Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it's their 3rd appearance on csgm and I'm still in love with their songs!

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LINES - People (feat. Adele Kosman)

Who: LINES Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
Adele Kosman Instagram Website

Why: Because this is exactly that kind of vibes that I want to hear after sitting in office whole Monday! I'm totally in love with that vocal sample!

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środa, 14 listopada 2018

piątek, 9 listopada 2018

Leyya - Donnie (B-Side)

Who: Leyya Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because this melody is disturbing me in some freakin' pleasant way. And I love that feeling!

LGATP - Bevel

Who: LGATP Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because this song is rocking me, baby, and I'm gonna lose my self-control!

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic Deezer

Sophia Danai - WYIL (When You're In Love)

Who: Sophia Danai Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because Sophia ended her e-mail with seven words that freeze me up and made me speechless. These words are: "To feel alone is to feel human". So true!

Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell (feat. Offset)

Who: Madison Beer Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
Offset Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because probably each of us has this one person to whom we would like to say "I hope it hurts like hell".

VICKTOR - Social Friends

Who: VICKTOR Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because this song speaks about the good and bad sides of social media without using any word and this is amazing.

Where: SoundCloud 

czwartek, 8 listopada 2018

ArcM - She Ain't You

Who: ArcM Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I think it's good that she ain't me, isn't it?

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FINNEAS - Let's Fall In Love For The Night

Who: FINNEAS Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because talking shit is cheap and we talk a lot of it.

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Half an Orange - Buzz Lightyear

Who: Half an Orange Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because we can't allow situations where we haven't showered for two days.

aiwake - Palm City

Who: aiwake Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it's the song that I'd like to hear in the middle of the night, looking at the city lights, thinking about everything and nothing.

wtorek, 6 listopada 2018

Hanz - Ambivalence (feat. emawk)

Who: Hanz Facebook Twitter Instagram emawk Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I'm 100% sure that I'm not ambivalent about this song. I love it!

Where: SoundCloud Spotify AppleMusic

Elle Hollis - Luxury

Who: Elle Hollis Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because when Elle Hollis is taking us away with her song, it feels like luxury.

Jenna Kyle - Paths

Who: Jenna Kyle Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because it's extremely important to find your own path and stick to it, even when you're doubting. Jenna Kyle is definitely on a good path.

Mothica - Burnout

Who: Mothica Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I'm watching Mothica since 2016 and this is definitely my favorite song of hers.

sobota, 3 listopada 2018

DROELOE x Sem - Facing The Sea

Who: DROELOE Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
Sem Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: DROELOE said that this song is about "finding yourself and acknowledging that it's going to be hard and that you're going to struggle and that you should face those problems head-on". Well, I definitely want that stunning bass drop by my side when I'll be facing any problem.

BEAUZ - All Or Nothing (ft. BAER)

Who: BEAUZ Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
BAER Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I don't want to choose between being all or being nothing.

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic Deezer

MELVV - Heatwave (feat. More Giraffes)

Who: MELVV Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
More Giraffes Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I'm slowly starting to miss that heatwave which was melting my mind.

Cathedrals - Just A Game

Who: Cathedrals Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Do you know that feeling? When you're seeing landscape so breathtaking that you can't describe it by words? Same with this song - its pure beauty is indescribeable. That's why.

JEFFE - Undecided

Who: JEFFE Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because this song should be my personal anthem. I'm a hundred percent undecided. But on the other hand - I'm a hundred percent sure that this song is amazing.