poniedziałek, 3 lipca 2017

New Music #01/07

Hi there! Let's start with a small summary - in June I wrote about 64 songs. It's more than ever in one month, so the conclusion is that I made two great decisions. At first, it was great to switch into English - I'm happy that you finally understand my scribbles! Secondly, writing about eight songs in one post is a definitely easier way for me to write about new music. I hope that July will be even better because I still have a few cool ideas for csgm. But, stop talking, let's go to the most important - music!

As you may expect, I have to start the new month with some electronic gems. The first one is made by sober rob and it's called Moving On. Whether I'm sober or not I like that song exactly the same. It surprised me because it's very progressive at the beginning and when I thought 'now... there'll be a drop...' - yeah, it was there, but it was totally different than I expected. Great!

sober rob - Moving On (ft. Karra)

official website - Karra

It's their first appearing on csgm, but I've heard about that UK collective a couple of times. I truly recommend you to listen to their earlier productions. I'll focus on the newest one - it's called Reset In Colour and it's quite extraordinary. It's starting like an electronic club banger, but when it comes to the chorus, we have that really cool guitar in the background which turns that song into indie-pop/rock vibes. Truly love it!


I still haven't stopped humming Bad Drug by Cosmos & Creature, and we already have their next appearing on csgm. This time it's a guest performance in a new Listenbee production called Children. And you know what? I'll probably hum it even longer because the lyrics in the hook are way easier to remember. I love that 'la la la la la' part - I'm almost sure that you'll gonna love it too, 'cause we're all just children.

Listenbee - Children (ft. Cosmos & Creature)

facebook - Cosmos & Creature
twitter - Cosmos & Creature
official website - Cosmos & Creature

Is 'kick and the snare all he'd prepared'? Of course not, because this 19-year old producer from Denmark gave us a lot more! Circles is a song with a really huuuuge hook and a pretty nice vocal too. Can't wait for next Dooqu productions because his kicks and snares are simply amazing!

Dooqu - Circles (ft. Ian Gott)

twitter - Ian Gott
official website - Ian Gott

San Holo's Light was one of the last songs that I wrote about in 2016. We have to wait a little bit for his another production, but finally - here it is! I could speak about The Future for a long time, but for what? It's the same dope as usual! So don't think about the future, just listen to it.

San Holo - The Future (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)

official website - James Vincent McMorrow

Have you found your summer favorite song yet? If not, I've got something for you! without u by Rad Cat is a song that you can listen to while pool-partying, lying on the beach or just simply riding your bike through the hood. It'll always be as same cool! 

Rad Cat - without u

That's why I hate all these breaks from running csgm - I'm missing a lot of great music. For example, I've never heard Sam Setton's My City, which is a really good pop song with a cool 80's vibes. If you made that mistake too, don't forget to listen to the original one. Today, however, I've got a remix of it which was made by Italian remixer James Envoud. With its future bass vibe, he totally adds a new dimension to it.

Sam Setton - My City (James Envoud Remix)


I played that song and I thought 'hmmm, nice, dark electronic - quite interesting'. So, as always when I like something, I scrolled down the e-mail to read some press information and I read that 'Tansav is an experimental electronic bass music producer from Poland. Creating dark...'. Wait, what?!? That guy is from my country and I've never even heard of him? I mean, WTF? OK, after the second hearing of the song I found that the bridge between 2:10 and 2:30 is a little bit too weird for me, but the rest of Away is so classy that I had to write about that one!

Tansav - Away (ft. Breakdown)