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New Music #07/06

Since yesterday, we've got a really charming weather in Poland. When I'm at work, there's beautiful sun and about 93 degrees (God bless air conditioning), but right after my return home, an Armageddon starts. Lightning everywhere, flying branches and rain that's falling horizontally. Maybe that's why today I've got some electronic thunderstrikes for you.

Let's start with an absolutely incredible future bass gem by Vincent Achram. It's called Kiss Your Scars and it's made with Bryan Finlay on vocal (amazing vocal). We've got a really great sampling here and a really cool bass drop. Energizing!

Vincent Achram - Kiss Your Scars (ft. Bryan Finlay)

twitter - Bryan Finlay

There's one guy who probably can release a heavy-metal track that I'll love. I don't know what's in his mind, but Lucian never lets me down. His new track is a little bit darker than his recent productions, but it's as same cool. I wrote that in Polish once, but need to repeat - this guy has just an INCREDIBLE sense of how to choose guest vocalists. This beat and LIA's vocal = pure perfection.

Lucian - Need U (ft. LIA)

facebook - LIA

It's always hard to hear something right after new Lucian song, but I'm happy to say, that he's got serious competition. I didn't hear about a Ruben Young earlier, but I fell in love with his new track right after hearing it for the first time. Running For You is a well-produced future R&B song that's got a lot of soulful vibes. And that voice... WOW! It's the second single from his upcoming EP, that I'm waiting for with impatience.

Ruben Young - Running For You

official website

OK, we've got this three electronic diamonds, so it's time to slow down a little. This song is electronic too, but it's definitely not a club banger. If I had to choose one word that describes this song, it would be 'haunting'. Yeah, I feel shivers all over my body when I'm listening to One Last Time by Roniit. It takes you somewhere else.

Roniit - One Last Time

official website

Let's back from 'somewhere else' to a place with the greatest future bass tracks. Next one is a Memories by Steam Phunk and Apsley and it's... Do I really need to say something more? Just listen to it and you won't be disappointed, I promise.

Steam Phunk - Memories (ft. Apsley)

facebook - Apsley
twitter - Apsley
official website - Apsley

isle&fever is another band that I've heard today for the first time. In a press information, we can read that "they share a passion for the beat-driven classics of the 70's and 80's, while constantly embracing the new sonic textures of the 21st Century". To be honest - it's the best description of their new track called Keep Workin. We can hear modern electronic in it, but it also has that cool 80's vibes. Groovy! Funky!

isle&fever - Keep Workin

official website

You may like Rihanna or hate her, but you have to admit one thing - she's got a team that's making one hit after another. Is it possible to make them even more catchy? Yes! Just check the LZRD & Ship Wrek remix of her Desperado. Dope!

Rihanna - Desperado (LZRD & Ship Wrek Remix)

twitter - Ship Wrek

And last but not least - new Whethan's song. You probably know that this guy has an incredible skill in making catchy beats. Though Good Nights may not be my favorite track by Whethan (Savage is the best!!!) it's still worth your attention.

Whethan - Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)

facebook - Mascolo
twitter - Mascolo
official website - Mascolo

poniedziałek, 26 czerwca 2017

New Music #06/06

Do you know these Sundays, when you're laying in your bed, thinking "it'll be a great Monday"? Then the Monday comes and gives you a hard kick right into your face. Yup, it was one of those days. Fortunately, I've got some energy back - thanks to the great songs, of course!

Let's start with a song that I've heard on Friday, but I haven't enough time to write about it. It's a new song by LA synth-pop duo courtship. and to be honest - it's perfect. I truly love that melody, I'm impressed by the lyrics and I like the vocals. What else to expect?

courtship. - Perfect People

If the first one wasn't enough relaxing for you, just check Motions by Shoffy. It's one of these songs that I prefer to listen in headphones with my eyes closed. I'm forgetting about every bad things and just flying with the melody. If we take into account that Shoffy sang, produced, wrote, played guitar and mastered the track... well, respect!

Shoffy - Motions

official website

OK, it's time to get back to the electronic vibes. You may be already quite aware of some Super Duper's productions because he made a couple of great tracks. Now he's back with his new single called Nothing Scares Us that he made with Daniella Mason and it's a really catchy electro-pop gem.

Super Duper - Nothing Scares Us (feat. Daniella Mason)

twitter - Daniella Mason
official website - Daniella Mason

I'm always afraid of these funny e-mails with a great sense of humor. Because when the first words in the e-mail are "My mom said I should write to blogs to show them my music. And my mom is always right." you automatically feel sympathy for the author. And you want to listen to the real good music, not just another crap. Thankfully, Stephen's mom was 100% right - Call The Light is a really great track! If you don't know - Stephen is a 1/2 of a Berlin-based duo I'm Not A Band - they're planning to release an album in September and Call The Light is the 2nd single from it.

I'm Not A Band - Call The Light

In every post, there's a song that can be described as "The Hook". In this one, it should be a Ghost by Secret Weapons. If you hear that sax even once, it'll stay in your head for a long time. Of course, it doesn't mean that the rest of the song is worst - we have a really nice vocal and lyrics (it's about a horribly traumatic event that Secret Weapons members suffered - it left them feeling like ghosts in their own bodies). And that groovy, funky guitar - it's really cool!

Secret Weapons - Ghost

official website

A secret dialogue between Ryan Riback and his friend:
- Dude, it's a great beat!
- Thanks, buddy, it just needs some vocal on it...
- So what you waiting for? Just find some chick and record it!
OK, maybe it wasn't exactly like that. But you have to admit that without some chick's vocals this track wouldn't be so good. What more should I say? Ryan Riback just made another great electronic track!

Ryan Riback - One Last Time (ft. some chick)

twitter - some chick

Nylo appears on the csgm for the first time an exactly week ago - it was definitely too late because she recorded a lot of cool songs earlier. Now I have a good occasion to fix that mistake - 3 days ago she released her new single Time Changes Everything. It's a smooth, R&B, electronic track that perfectly suits csgm vibes. Check it out:

Nylo - Time Changes Everything

I already wrote about my love to Scandinavian musicians. So, how could I dislike this song when it's made by Norwegian and Swedish producers? Yup, The Uniøn is Tormod Løkling from Norway and Henrik Moreborg from Sweden - they joined forces in 2016 and since then they were working with other artists. Now they've decided to start releasing their own music and No Good For You is their first single. This EDM banger definitely deserves your attention.

The Uniøn - No Good For You (feat. Lovespeake)

twitter - Lovespeake

środa, 21 czerwca 2017

New Music #05/06

It's Wednesday already, so we're closer to the weekend. Let's celebrate that with some good music.

Emmit Fenn finally released his debut EP. He's a frequent guest on csgm that month. I like all of his songs but Painting Greys was my favorite... until today, I think. It's because of the Stones - the seventh track from Prologue. I can't say that it's better than the Painting Greys yet, but it's at least as good. It has the same climate and that hook is amazing too! I recommend you to listen to the whole EP - it's really great!

Emmit Fenn - Stones

official website

I believe that I don't have to introduce JACKAL to you because that guy is well-known for his earlier productions. He released his highly-anticipated Endorphins EP two weeks ago - I've heard it today and I fell in love with Little Threads that is made with Foy. It's a really powerful one!

JACKAL - Little Threads (feat. Foy)

official website

I played that song for the first time and I thought "OMG, it's MJ... or Bruno Mars... or both of them". Then I opened a press pack and I have read "Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars in his sound". OK, so now I'm sure that I'm not deaf! But what about the song? Drench Me With Your Lust is the newest single by London-based producer AMiR and is so cool and full of good vibes that you immediately want to dance.

AMiR - Drench Me With Your Lust

official website

Must admit that this post is a little bit different than usual. Instead of electronic bangers, we've got a lot of indie-pop gems. Another one is Yosemite by London-based Hider. It's a really nice chillin' track with a lot of summer vibes and an interesting vocal. You can repeat it a whole day.

Hider - Yosemite

official website

Is there anyone here who doesn't like NoMBe's voice? I love it, but the original versions of his songs don't charm me so much. That's why I'm always trying to find some remixes of NoMBe's tracks. And when we're talking about Wait the best remix is made by James Carter. I don't know why but with all that electronic sounds even the background guitars sounds better.

NoMBe - Wait (James Carter Remix)

official website

You have to be really careful when you're trying to do something with any Lupe Fiasco song because that guy is so good at what he does. So, I've heard a lot of shitty remixes or covers of Lupe's songs, but I have to admit that this time we're dealing with a quite different situation. Rendition made by Noah., Rich The Kid and Sha Mula gives that song a second life. It's completely different than the original and probably that's why it's so great.

Noah. - Superstar (ft. Rich The Kid & Sha Mula)

facebook - Rich The Kid
twitter - Rich The Kid
facebook - Sha Mula
twitter - Sha Mula

Did you have a bad day? I have a recipe - lay down on your bed, open a bottle of your favorite beer (or whatever you like), take a big sip and play The Recipe by Kai Straw. I've heard this San Francisco's guy for the first time today but I have to hear his other songs because that one is simply great!

Kai Straw - The Recipe

official website

Ohhhh, good old new jack swing! If you're missing it you HAVE TO listen to the new song by Lido and THEY.. It really sounds like a mix of a best Bobby Brown's songs with some old N'Sync style. Yeah, I know that this description sounds awful, but the song not! To be honest, I'm fascinated by it.

Lido - Not Enough (ft. THEY.)

twitter - THEY.
official website - THEY.

wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017

New Music #04/06

Hi there! We have a really beautiful, warm Tuesday here in Poland, so it's a perfect day to share some great music with you.

Woodes has appeared on csgm only once so far - when I wrote about her Daggers & Knives, but I know her self-titled EP inside out. It met with a huge critical acclaim, but it doesn't surprise me because it was a piece of pure art. Now she's back with her new single and I have to shout "WOAH!". Run For It is even better than her previous tracks. That melody reminds me of the best Woodkid's productions. It's so powerful!

Woodes - Run For It

official website

After that strong beginning, we have to chill down a little bit. No More by Alex Lustig should be perfect for that. He is a Belgian musician who's building his reputation as a solo artist. He made his newest track in collaboration with Akacia (you may know her voice from phenomenal Gold that she made with Cabu) and OnCue. On this track, Alex was trying to mix ambient deep chords with hip-hop and slight trap elements. What can I say? He achieved his goal! Listen to that song and fly.

Alex Lustig - No More (ft. Akacia & OnCue)

facebook - Akacia
twitter Akacia
facebook - OnCue
twitter OnCue
official website OnCue

Let's come back to the more lively songs. The first one is by LO - he's a Mannheim-based artist, emerging from the scene of bedroom producers. His new single is made with Norwegian R&B singers Andreyun and Louam. So, he found them and probably now he's seeing Colors Of The Sun. Thanks to that collaboration, we have a song with a fun, bouncy electronic beat, but it also has an R&B and hip-hop vibes. Cool!

LO - Colors Of The Sun (feat. Andreyun x Louam)

facebook - Andreyun
twitter - Andreyun
facebook - Louam
twitter - Louam
official website - Louam

Now it's time for the first and only remix on that post. Varien took The Wolf by Savoy and Bright Lights and put some really hard vibes into it. It's starting softly and warming up gently but when it comes to the drop... Woohoo, guys! It's trippy, it's dope, it's devastating, it's great! Check it out:

Savoy x Bright Lights - The Wolf (Varien Remix)

official website

Here comes the hardest part. Because I don't even know what to say, I just have no words. You need to know that Florence Welch is my goddess and I also love the climate of Lana del Rey songs. And you know what? London-based Marna sounds like an illegitimate child of that two artists. Her debut is so good that it's beyond my imagination. I can only laugh because "marna" in Polish means "paltry" - and she's definitely not paltry! I'm telling you - HAVE. AN. EYE. ON. HER!

Marna - Crossfire

My Polish readers surely know that I have a huge respect for Scandinavian artists. In these times, they often set the direction in which the modern music will follow. So, you shouldn't be surprised that I fell in love with a second single by Danish duo WIINSTON. It's full of dark R&B vibes and it's one of these songs, that you should listen with your eyes closed.



Did I mention that I love Scandinavian artists? Yeah, so here's another one! LINES is a four-piece band from the capital of Sweden. They made a really huge debut two months ago with their song Weekend and now they're back with their follow up. It's called You and I think that it's even better than Weekend. It's so catchy - I loved that hook and that verse especially: "Yeah, it's you - always on my mind (...) all the fuckin' time!". Great song!


official website

I love groovy hip-hop mixed with funk as much as Scandinavian artists. That's why we're ending with a Late Night by Pierre Andrews, Wes Writer and Larry g(EE). Feel that vibes and stay tuned!

Pierre Andrews - Late Night (ft. Wes Writer & Larry g(EE))

twitter - Wes Writer
facebook - Larry g(EE)
twitter - Larry g(EE)
official website - Larry g(EE)

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New Music #03/06

OK, so that post should appear on csgm more than a week ago, but last week was really crazy, so sorry for that.

Let's start with Welcome To LA by Oliver Tree. I've heard about that guy a couple of times, he even appeared on csgm on the occasion of writing about Whethan. Must admit that I still don't know what to think about him. I have mixed feelings about his stage image and about his flow in some songs, but I must admit that this one is just a perfect banger. Maybe it's finally time to warm to that guy.

Oliver Tree - Welcome To LA

official website

If you're familiar with csgm for some time, you have to know Cosmos & Creature. I wrote about that LA duo (BTW, I didn't even realize that they are a couple until today) few times and now they're here one more time. They could call their new song Bad Drug, but don't be fooled by it. It's a piece of a really catchy and good music drug.

Cosmos & Creature - Bad Drug

official website

Emmit Fenn appeared already on csgm this month, but if it wasn't enough for you, we have another music gem by that Californian artist. This time he surprised me so much! 'Cause, you know, when I'm thinking about Emmit Fenn, I'm hearing his gentle ballads with deep, mesmerizing vocal. Oceans is completely different - it's a portion of a really great electronic with a guest appearance by Nylo. Amazing (still it doesn't change the fact that Painting Greys is my no. 1)!

Emmit Fenn - Oceans (feat. Nylo)

facebook - Emmit Fenn
twitter - Emmit Fenn
official website - Emmit Fenn
facebook - Nylo
twitter - Nylo

A funny coincidence: when I wrote about PLS&TY last time, it was a song that he made in a collaboration with Cosmos & Creature. Today we have new tracks from both of that artists. Of course, PLS&TY is almost on the top of a future bass scene, so we should expect a portion of a really good electronic. You know what? He didn't disappoint me! Moreover, it's crazy that Run Wild reminds me somehow of my hometown artist that you certainly don't know. Her name is Ifi Ude and she's mixing modern electronic with a music that's derived from her Nigerian roots. It was a really unique blend, so I'm happy that we've got another representative of that crazy style.

PLS&TY - Run Wild

If we're talking about blending genres, here's another one from that school. DROELOE is a Dutch electronic duo - they created a lot of great originals and remixes, so if you're not familiar with them, I recommend to check their SoundCloud profile. So, their new track is named JUMP and it's an experimental electronic production which is mixed with an amazing pop vocal by Nevve - it's a really great blend because I truly want to jump with Nevve to the sounds of that song. BTW this girl is born for collaborations like that - just listen to Elevate or Sirens

DROELOE - JUMP (ft. Nevve)


After all these lively songs, it's time to listen to something way more soothing, but also dark. Forever Young is the third single by Parisian duo SACRE, but the first their song that I've heard. I fell in love with it for the first time, because it's so freaking chilling and disturbing at the same time. WOW! It's really fresh - and it should be because if you want to be forever young, you have to do something fresh - not just another remix of that old Alphaville hit.

SACRE - Forever Young

official website

If someone asked me to describe csgm vibes in a few words I should play that song. Because, holy shit, it got everything that I love! Electronic sounds? Checked! Nice bass? Checked! Some mainstream vibes? Checked! Charming and fascinating vocal? Checked! It's LA-based Xie first original (in a collaboration with V!RTU) and I want more, more and more! Brilliant!

Xie & V!RTU - Just Like Me

twitter - V!RTU

We're ending with a song that truly stole my heart. I can't even say what I love more - that chill giving, R&B vocals or maybe that pure, perfect production. Both ladies are amazing on that one! There's one thing that I'm sure - it'll be on my playlist for a looooong time!

TOKiMONSTA - Don't Call Me (ft. Yuna)

czwartek, 8 czerwca 2017

New Music #02/06

It's time to fulfill the promise that I made yesterday and deliver some new music to you. Let's see what I've found.

The first one is made by Wallflower. I've heard about that producer from the United States yesterday and I truly don't know anything about him, except that he made an unbelievable track. Lost On The Island is a pure masterpiece - Two Feet should be jealous of it. Why Two Feet? Because when I've heard that song I thought about him at first. That bass, that guitar, that vocal - it's really similar to Two Feet's productions. And yeah - it's also too short. I would be happy to hear a longer version of it.

Wallflower - Lost On The Island


Then we've got a new proposition from Tim Legend. After a huge success of his recent song, he made another track in a collaboration with Colin Dieden - the vocalist of the alt-rock band The Mowgli's. Quicksand has probably the sickest beat that I've heard this week. This hook is really crazy and I'm in love with it.

Tim Legend - Quicksand (feat. Colin Dieden)


I also felt in love with the new KR$CHN remix. He worked on a new Mothica song and he made it even a little bit darker than the original. Disturbing, electronic sounds creates a unique atmosphere.

Mothica - Self Destructive (KR$CHN REMIX)


It's always nice to hear something new from GHOST LOFT. His remixes of Overdose by Little Daylight and Let It Go by The Neighbourhood appears on a csgm earlier, so it's finally time for some original. His latest song is called Holding On and it's definitely the most chilling song from that post. It has so melancholic atmosphere - it's beautiful.

GHOST LOFT - Holding On


You don't have to take some Vicodin to get high. Good music is enough for that. For example, you can listen to the latest track by LA-based CVBZ. Vicodin is really great. And you know what? I changed my mind - it has an as sick hook as Quicksand.

CVBZ - Vicodin


We're turning back to some darker vibes. Looking Back by Ashdown is a really well-produced track with an interesting vocal. You're not gonna be looking back for other songs if you heard that one.

Ashdown - Looking Back


OK, if someone said me a few days ago, that I'll write about Miley Cyrus on csgm, I would laugh at him. But here it is and I still can't believe it. Kiso replaced Miley's vocals with Yvette and took that song to another level, thanks to the electronic beat. This is what I call 'perfect remix'.

Miley Cyrus - Malibu feat. Yvette (Kiso Remix)


And here's the last one. But the last one doesn't mean the worst. To be honest, it's pretty amazing. Through To You is made by Australian Tobiahs and it's very multigenre. A soulful vocal is mixed with an electronic (I can even say "a little bit jungle") beat what gives a nice composition. I'm addicted!

Tobiahs - Through To You

środa, 7 czerwca 2017

New Music #01/06 (Part II)


read the 1st part of this post here

When I'm thinking about Ashe, I'm hearing extremely positive sounds of Can't Hide by Whethan. From now on, I'll be hearing even more of that sounds, because her Used To It have the most optimistic beat ever. You can't say that about the new song by London duo TENDER. Their song is definitely more dark and mysterious - exactly as I expected, knowing their earlier songs such as Violence.

Ashe - Used To It


You were missing the positive vibes, weren't you? Calm down, I have more of them for you. Just listen to this extraordinary remix of Jocelyn Alice's Bound To You. It was made by Pluto - I'm usually trying to avoid putting the same artist in one post twice, but this remix is so amazing that I have to make an exception.

Jocelyn Alice - Bound To You (Pluto Remix)

facebook - Pluto

The second remix on that playlist is made by it's different and Kivnon. They reached for Prblms by 6LACK and they put a soul of classic hip-hop in it, then mixed it with some fresh electronics. Next one is a Fairytale by BLESSED. Am I the only one who sings "The 21st night of September" right after the first verse? It's stronger than me!

6LACK - Prblms (it's different x Kivnon Remix)

facebook - it's different

BLESSED - Fairytale


If you're looking for some powerful voice that suits perfectly to soul-pop songs, you have to check a new song by ENISAGlory Days contains everything that delighted me in her Burn This Bridge.

ENISA - Glory Days


Last two songs on playlists are new propositions from artists who appeared on a csgm earlier. It's I'm a Dreamer by Violet Days (a truly pop masterpiece that I want to hear on a Polish radio stations) and Woman by Emmit Fenn (atmospheric ballad - maybe not as good as Painting Greys but still worth your attention).

Violet Days - I'm a Dreamer


Emmit Fenn - Woman

It's everything from me right now. Hope that in a few days I'll have another playlist for you.