poniedziałek, 31 maja 2021

Young León x Charcuterie - Wassup

Who: Young León
 Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
Charcuterie Facebook Instagram

Why: Because it could've been the dumb luck - it's too soon to say...

Louise Noble - Show You Love

Who: Louise Noble Facebook Instagram Website

Why: Because I thought I wouldn’t catch these feelings...

Alexander Grandjean - Afraid of the Light (feat. Maenad)

Who: Alexander Grandjean Facebook Instagram Website Maenad Instagram

Why: Because you won’t find your way if you turn around...

"Afraid of the Light" is taken from Alexander's freshly-released debut solo album "Via Motion". It came with a 40-minute film where every song has its own music video. See it below:

Where: Stream the whole album on your favorite service

constance - if hell's where you aren't that's where I wanna be

Who: constance Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because after rain comes rainbows...

wtorek, 25 maja 2021

Rob Murat - LOVE ME LOVE (feat. Adina Thembi)

Who: Rob Murat
Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
Adina Thembi Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I don't mean to be that Mr. Insecure...

ViVii - Smackdown

Who: ViVii Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because you know my head and how it spins around...


Who: LiAURORA Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because is that you without facetune?

Piper 57 - Love Triangle Dramas

Who: Piper 57 Facebook Instagram

Why: Because it's not always simple as black and white...

Dolly Dolores - True Love

Who: Dolly Dolores Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because it hit me, I don’t know what this is...

Moonlight Breakfast - Keep Walking

Who: Moonlight Breakfast Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because this kind of confidence wasn't built in a day...

Vanessa Gimenez - Make It Rain

Who: Vanessa Gimenez Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I'm praying we’ll be cool forever...

Lu'ginnae - Bad Bitch Switch

Who: Lu'ginnae Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I'm feeling good as fuck!

Mal Blanc - Could've Would've (feat. She Is Jules)

Who: Mal Blanc Instagram She Is Jules Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I wish I never met the person I once knew...

CARDS - Anton

Who: CARDS Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because you really think I give a...

UPSAHL - Douchebag

Who: UPSAHL Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because why'd it take me this long to know?

Hunter Falls - Fame

Who: Hunter Falls Facebook Instagram Website

Why: Because how long will it last...?

wtorek, 18 maja 2021

Post Night Pictures - Get Down (feat. Mason Owens)

Who: Post Night Pictures Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
Mason Owens Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I think it’s probably best we keep it cool...

AnnSnake - Like a Huntingtrophy EP

Who: AnnSnake Instagram

Why: Because I know your mind...

Damn, I've broken 3 of my blogging rules with this post. The 1st one was that I'm always writing only one "Why" sentence that's related to the lyrics of the song, the 2nd is that I'm not sharing whole albums or EP's and the 3rd is that I'm sharing only songs that have 100% English language lyrics. But I swear to my headphones, it was really worth breaking these rules!

I'm not sharing songs in different languages because I consider lyrics as an integral part of the song and it's really hard for me to decide if I like the song when I don't know what it is about. That's why I was supposed to skip to another track when I've heard the "Gaslighting" for the 1st time. The beginning of the song is in the Korean language so I wasn't able to understand a single word but somehow... I listened to it to the end and then clicked on the "Repeat" button.

Even though I didn't understand the Korean part of the lyrics (AnnSnake mixes English with Korean in the whole EP) I completely drown in the magical atmosphere of this track. That made me decide to listen to the "Like a Huntingtrophy" EP and OMG... you really should stop reading now and check this album by yourself.

Incredible atmosphere, perfect production and mastering (it sounds extraordinary on good headphones) - that makes this EP one of the best pieces of art I've listened to in 2021 so far. Huge shoutout to "Ghostlip" who produced this album! Singer/songwriter "Tuff" also made an amazing work with her voice - sometimes she's mysterious, sometimes she's sexy and sometimes she sounds like a hunter - and you're the prey. Musically "Like a Huntingtrophy" EP is a modern electronic R&B mixed with deep trip-hop vibes, so if you're a fan of these genres don't even hesitate to check it! It's a masterpiece for me!

Below you can find 2 songs from the EP but I highly recommend you to listen to the full album!



poniedziałek, 17 maja 2021

Callie Reiff - What Ifs (feat. Louella)

Who: Callie Reiff Facebook Twitter Instagram Louella

Why: Because is it too soon? I don't want to ruin the moment...

Cassie Marin - Everything You Could Want

Who: Cassie Marin Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because what is the answer in questioning all that you’ve known?

amm - Less Alone

Who: amm Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it doesn't matter if I do or if I don't...

Saint Nomad - Closer

Who: Saint Nomad Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I think we're closer than we've been...

niedziela, 16 maja 2021

Kyler Slater - Help

Who: Kyler Slater Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because no one knows all my motives...

Iglu & Hartly - Cheetah

Who: Iglu & Hartly Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because we had the world in our hands for such a quick moment...

Kory Shore - Enough

Who: Kory Shore Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I know my worst enemy is myself...

joe p - Off My Mind

Who: joe p Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because you used to be so sure and now you never know...

poniedziałek, 10 maja 2021

WRENN - Your Friends Like Me Better

Who: WRENN Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because do you see how that turned out?

Sheps - Problems

Who: Sheps Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because I ain’t seen my sanity for a little while...

Forrest Run - Bright Eyes

Who: Forrest Run Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because everybody has their flaws...

Livi - Fucker

Who: Livi Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I know I'm not always sure of every decision I've made...