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New Music #01/06 (Part I)

OK, after that long introduction it's time to share the first portion of a good music with you. I was thinking about sharing music in a form of playlists but Hype Machine doesn't support them, so I have to write about each song separately. Of course, you can still find my monthly playlists on my SoundCloud profile.

See what I have for you today.

Let's start with some incredible bass bangers. The first one is made by Pluto with a guest appearance of MAX. I think that its only rival in a 'Best Turn-On-The-Bass Songs of 2017" is a Savage by Whethan (yeah, I know, that one is from 2016, but I'm still listening to it). Wait... MAX has been featured also in that one. Is that guy born to singing songs like that? I don't know but he's definitely maxing it.

Pluto - Fight For You (feat. MAX)

I also have the new Two Feet's song called Had Some Drinks. It's hard to say how many times I've heard Go Fuck Yourself last year, so I'm really glad that their new track is based on the same pattern. We have calm verses mixed with a really huge bass drops and the characteristic guitar in the background. Yeah, you may say that it's exactly the same thing played one more time in a different way, but who cares? If you think so, I have one message for you: go fuck yourself!

Two Feet - Had Some Drinks


If you need to slow down a little, I recommend listening to Simple by Autograf and Victoria Zaro. This light house track has perfect vibes for a weekend getaway from town. Then we're slowing down even a little bit more because it's time for Layna's Agonist. That one gives me chills every time I listen to it. Amazing voice, amazing beat!

Autograf - Simple (feat. Victoria Zaro)

facebook - Layna

Last December I wrote about a great debut by Toronto-based band HONORS. 10 days ago they came back with a second single. Say Yes is as good as Over, so it's another song on my playlist. I also really love funk, so I'm glad that I've found Over My Shoulder by Two Another. Good funk always makes everything easier!

HONORS - Say Yes

Two Another - Over My Shoulder


Next song on the list sounds like it has been made especially for me. It mixes great synth sounds with a vibe of 2000's hip-hop. The result of collaboration between LOXETĀLĀ, and Soule reminds me of first Skizzy Mars' mixtape somehow. I loved that album, so it's a huge compliment.

LOXE x TĀLĀ x Soule - Another Day

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