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New Music #03/06

OK, so that post should appear on csgm more than a week ago, but last week was really crazy, so sorry for that.

Let's start with Welcome To LA by Oliver Tree. I've heard about that guy a couple of times, he even appeared on csgm on the occasion of writing about Whethan. Must admit that I still don't know what to think about him. I have mixed feelings about his stage image and about his flow in some songs, but I must admit that this one is just a perfect banger. Maybe it's finally time to warm to that guy.

Oliver Tree - Welcome To LA

official website

If you're familiar with csgm for some time, you have to know Cosmos & Creature. I wrote about that LA duo (BTW, I didn't even realize that they are a couple until today) few times and now they're here one more time. They could call their new song Bad Drug, but don't be fooled by it. It's a piece of a really catchy and good music drug.

Cosmos & Creature - Bad Drug

official website

Emmit Fenn appeared already on csgm this month, but if it wasn't enough for you, we have another music gem by that Californian artist. This time he surprised me so much! 'Cause, you know, when I'm thinking about Emmit Fenn, I'm hearing his gentle ballads with deep, mesmerizing vocal. Oceans is completely different - it's a portion of a really great electronic with a guest appearance by Nylo. Amazing (still it doesn't change the fact that Painting Greys is my no. 1)!

Emmit Fenn - Oceans (feat. Nylo)

facebook - Emmit Fenn
twitter - Emmit Fenn
official website - Emmit Fenn
facebook - Nylo
twitter - Nylo

A funny coincidence: when I wrote about PLS&TY last time, it was a song that he made in a collaboration with Cosmos & Creature. Today we have new tracks from both of that artists. Of course, PLS&TY is almost on the top of a future bass scene, so we should expect a portion of a really good electronic. You know what? He didn't disappoint me! Moreover, it's crazy that Run Wild reminds me somehow of my hometown artist that you certainly don't know. Her name is Ifi Ude and she's mixing modern electronic with a music that's derived from her Nigerian roots. It was a really unique blend, so I'm happy that we've got another representative of that crazy style.

PLS&TY - Run Wild

If we're talking about blending genres, here's another one from that school. DROELOE is a Dutch electronic duo - they created a lot of great originals and remixes, so if you're not familiar with them, I recommend to check their SoundCloud profile. So, their new track is named JUMP and it's an experimental electronic production which is mixed with an amazing pop vocal by Nevve - it's a really great blend because I truly want to jump with Nevve to the sounds of that song. BTW this girl is born for collaborations like that - just listen to Elevate or Sirens

DROELOE - JUMP (ft. Nevve)


After all these lively songs, it's time to listen to something way more soothing, but also dark. Forever Young is the third single by Parisian duo SACRE, but the first their song that I've heard. I fell in love with it for the first time, because it's so freaking chilling and disturbing at the same time. WOW! It's really fresh - and it should be because if you want to be forever young, you have to do something fresh - not just another remix of that old Alphaville hit.

SACRE - Forever Young

official website

If someone asked me to describe csgm vibes in a few words I should play that song. Because, holy shit, it got everything that I love! Electronic sounds? Checked! Nice bass? Checked! Some mainstream vibes? Checked! Charming and fascinating vocal? Checked! It's LA-based Xie first original (in a collaboration with V!RTU) and I want more, more and more! Brilliant!

Xie & V!RTU - Just Like Me

twitter - V!RTU

We're ending with a song that truly stole my heart. I can't even say what I love more - that chill giving, R&B vocals or maybe that pure, perfect production. Both ladies are amazing on that one! There's one thing that I'm sure - it'll be on my playlist for a looooong time!

TOKiMONSTA - Don't Call Me (ft. Yuna)

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