środa, 4 października 2017

New Music #02/10

I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I was smoking that shit for 10 years and I thought that it's a good time to leave that addiction behind me. So, it's the first day and I'm quite calm, what's pretty surprising... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT SHITTY THUNDERBIRD AND WHY IT'S DUPLICATING MY E-MAILS?!? So, what about your Wednesday? Hope that you need some new music because that's what I've got for you.

The first one for today was made by Danish producer Gettic and it's his debut single. I loved that one after hearing the first sounds. It's an electronic pop with some tropical/summer vibes - it's perfect if you're starting to miss warm days. It also features the unique, amazing vocal by Clairity. Her voice fits the song perfectly! And I just can't get that sax sample out of my head!

Gettic - Sleepwalking (feat. Clairity)

Now you should taste something definitely slower and calmer. Jealousy is a song made by Jess Cornelius who's the frontman of the band Teeth & Tongue. It's the first single from her upcoming debut solo EP, which is called Nothing Is Lost and is out October 27. The song is simply beautiful - it sounds like Kate Bush who steals a guitar from someone. Pure art! All these radio pop stars should be jealous of that song. 

Jess Cornelius - Jealousy



If we're talking about pop stars - this is the pop which I want to hear in radio stations. Last time when I wrote about Super Duper's song I called his Nothing Scares Us an electro-pop gem. You know what? Nothing has changed, except the name of the track and a featured artist. Now it's a Never Gets Old and it was made with REMMI (you may know her from an amazing Lucian's Forever). This is that kind of pop which never gets old.

Super Duper - Never Gets Old (feat. REMMI)

twitter - REMMI
official website - REMMI

We're still in a pop vibes, but now it's a debut. Butter is a new artist out of Los Angeles and her first song is a cover of Palmistry's Lifted. She put a lot of cool pop sounds into that - thanks to that the song turned from a little bit strange electro track into great, summer pop song. Waiting for more from her!

Butter - Lifted

Another song - another debut! Meet XAINS who describes himself as 'raised by outlaw bikers with a penchant for Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline'. I don't know if you can hear that in his debut track called Set Me Off, but I'm sure that you can hear a smooth electronic beat with some perfect guitar in it. That's why you should check that one and keep an eye on XAINS.

XAINS - Set Me Off

I don't know why it's the first appearing of filous on csgm because that Austrian producer from Vienna already made some real masterpieces. Well, better late than never. His newest track is called For Love and it features the indie pop newcomer klei's vocals. What can I say about the track? Just listen to it and you'll understand quickly why I love it so much.

filous - For Love (feat. klei)

Do you remember phenomenal Put It On Me by Malika? If not, you can listen to it here. A month ago she released a new song called I Live - I found it today and it's so good that I had to write about it. I love that 90's vibes and a smooth beat produced by Bearcubs. Simply perfect!

Malika - I Live

Exactly three months ago I wrote about Children by Listenbee and Cosmos & Creature. Now it's back on csgm thanks to a great remix made by Attom. It's definitely more chillin' than the original one, so you should check it right now!

Listenbee - Children (feat. Cosmos & Creature) (Attom Remix)

twitter - Attom

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New Music #01/10

I still remember the day when I've heard Seventeen by Tessa Rae for the first time. It was like a thunderstrike - just hit straight into my head and can't leave it for a long time. It was a debut of dreams and it's still one of my favorite songs of 2016. It's a shame that I missed her Young Blood EP, and if you did that too, you HAVE TO listen to it. Now Tessa is back with a new track called Wrong With Me and it's amazing again. That's why this is the first song today!

Tessa Rae - Seventeen

I haven't heard about FTRSL until today, so now I've learned that he's a Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer and you should pronounce his nickname as FutureSoul. He released his debut EP at the end of 2016 and now he's back with his new single Never Go Back. It's a really nice mix of electronic music, pop, and R&B.

FTRSL - Never Go Back

official website

I really don't know much about TOBY who's song is the next one on my today's playlist. Following his Facebook fan page, I can tell that he's from London and he's making music. But what more do we need? He's making music and he's doing it well. If you don't believe me, just listen to his recent song called Give You My All which features vocals from Stonestreet.

TOBY - Give You My All (feat. Stonestreet)

twitter - Stonestreet

I don't know if you noticed that after my return to blogging, it's definitely more calmly and melancholic here - I don't know why - maybe it's just a sign of an autumn. And when we're talking about autumn, I've got a perfect autumn song for you. It's Superhuman by Tom Forest and it comes from his debut album Hope which will be released on January 12th.

Tom Forest - Superhuman

Ohhhh, TOKiMONSTA. She already made one of the best songs of 2017 (yeah, I'm talking about Don't Call Me - you can find it here), but she's not stopping. She released an amazing We Love about a month ago - I haven't written about it because of my hiatus, but now I have a chance to write about its remix made by Vancouver based DJ/producer Felix Cartal. Can't say that it's better but it's at least as good as the original one, so check it right now!

TOKiMONSTA - We Love (Felix Cartal Remix)

facebook - Felix Cartal
twitter - Felix Cartal
official website - Felix Cartal

OK, it's not so calm here after that stunning remix so let's go to the another one. This time it's a Yeasayer's remix of Julietta's Runaway. Luckily, they haven't changed that brilliant song a lot. It's still a perfect electronic song with that amazing 70's/80's vibe. Brooklyn trio just gives the original track a little more flair. 

Julietta - Runaway (Yeasayer Remix)

official website - Julietta
official website - Yeasayer

We're getting close to the end of today's playlist so it's time to check some EDM gems. The first one is a debut single by producer Mount Hope. It's a pretty restful, but bass-heavy at the same time, house track called Unfold and it features singer/songwriter THUYMY on the vocals.

Mount Hope - Unfold (feat. THUYMY)

facebook - THUYMY
official website - THUYMY

The last one for today is Human by Blinded Hearts. If you haven't about him - he's a Munich based producer who already made some well-known tracks. The recent one is great too - we have a powerful production, great vocal samples on the bridges, meaningful lyrics and a really cool lead vocal.

Blinded Hearts - Human

sobota, 30 września 2017

New Music #03/09

Weekend, lovely weekend!

It's good to start a Saturday in a lazy way. You know, get out of the bed, make scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee (which I'm not drinking - to be honest), sit down on a balcony, close your eyes and listen to some calm and melancholic music. That's why I'm starting from the really beautiful piece of art, which is Trees by a Norwegian/English duo Tuvaband. It's the first single to be released from their debut EP Mess. It made me so dreamy - brilliant song.

Tuvaband - Trees

official website

Right after that sluggish morning, it's time to do a fully wake up. EDM could help us with that - this time it's a Nathaniel Knows' new deep house single Fly Away with Scissors featuring Haley. Must admit that the bass line nearly made me wet myself - it's so powerful!

Nathaniel Knows, Scissors - Fly Away (feat. Haley)

facebook - Scissors
twitter - Scissors
official website - Scissors
twitter - Haley

Were you longing for some electro-R&B? If you do, I've got something for you. It's a new single from NYC artist Josh Jacobson. I Need You got a really stunning beat which is a perfect background for a soothing Josh's voice. And the artwork totally suits that song - if I'll be on a top of the mountain, I'd like to hear that one in my earphones. The song appears on a Josh's First Light EP which is out right now.

Josh Jacobson - I Need You

If you're a daughter of Saigon soul icon Carol Kim, you're probably surrounded by music and its industry from an early age. I'm curious whether growing up in that environment helps or hinders in building your own music career. I'd ask TRACE but I don't know her and she doesn't know me. What I know is that You Don't Know Me is a really great song.

TRACE - You Don't Know Me

official website

Quoting the words of Desert Moons frontman Jake Dobson, "Deep Water is a metaphor for feeling outside your comfort zone". Probably every of us knows that feeling, but I can bet that some of us never heard about that band. Desert Moons is a NSW Central Coast-based experimental-electronic duo. They released their debut track 2 months ago and now they're back with Deep Water which was produced and recorded by the group themselves at their home studio.

Desert Moons - Deep Water

It's time to put some smile on your faces. This song has so many swaying rhythms that you won't be able to sit while listening to that. To be honest it sounds like it was created as a radio hit. And I won't be surprised if it becomes a hit soon. Truly, Mike Mago and Tiggi Hawke created a banger that you want to hear nonstop. Check out the Dangerous Behaviour.

Mike Mago & Tiggi Hawke - Dangerous Behaviour

lyric video

facebook - Tiggi Hawke
twitter - Tiggi Hawke
official website - Tiggi Hawke

It's a shame that we had an autumn because that one is ideal for any pool party. Stay by Dim Sum has so many uplifting, summer vibes. But, you can still listen to it while taking a long trip in your car - I think it'll be perfect. If you like that one you also have to check his Right Track made with Nina Lili J earlier this year.

Dim Sum - Stay

The last one for today is The Wave by Los Angeles artist/producer Elohim. I don't know what I like the most in that one. Maybe it's a nice female vocal, maybe it's a beat that seems to be delicate at first, just to hit you when its drop or maybe it's that part of lyrics: "Always looking for the wave, once you stop stop looking it'll hit you in the face". Love it!

Elohim - The Wave


czwartek, 28 września 2017

New Music #02/09

I'm writing for the second day in a row - applause for me, please!

The first one today is an Enemy by our well-known duo - Oliver Tree & Whethan. If you liked their When I'm Down you'll know what to expect. With every song, I like Oliver Tree more and more and I think that it's time to call me his fan. I've got only one reservation - why is that song so short? I want more!

Oliver Tree & Whethan - Enemy

official website - Whethan

Another one was made by British/Chinese artist Lui Peng. It's called Demons and to be honest - it's not that new. It was released last year for the first time, so why is it here? Firstly - now is being distributed to major platforms, secondly - official video for it was released not so long ago and last but not least - I had an occasion to hear whole Demons EP yesterday and I must admit that it's a really good album. Demons is a smooth R&B/soul song but it shows its best when you're listening to it with its second chapter which features Che Lingo vocals. You'll be able to hear it tomorrow - after the release of an EP.

Lui Peng - Demons


official website

It's a first LAOISE appearance on csgm, but she might be known to some of you. She released her debut EP Halfway earlier that year and it received critical acclaim. Now she's back with the first song from her second EP which is due for release next spring. The single is called Rich and it's a slow, ethereal electro-synth piece of art.


official website

This Is Not A Movie. Of course it's not, it's a song! But if it was a movie, it would be a Magnolia or Crash. I can't say why but when I'm listening to PAVVLA song, I got the same feelings as I had while watching that movies. It's a dark song but at the same time it gives you some really warm feelings.

PAVVLA - This Is Not A Movie


Usually when I hear that someone makes an experimental music, I'm giving him the brush-off. Well, not this time! FKL is a duo composed of Joe Gillick and Sage Redman. They released their new single called Temporary today and it's a piece of a really good experimental pop which includes some electronic, synth vibes and even a little bit of jungle at the end. It sounds really good, so I'll be waiting for their next productions.

FKL - Temporary


Post without a huge EDM/Dance banger it's not a good post. That's why you can find here the new production made by Vancouver/San Francisco based duo BLU J. Their GOLDEN DREAMS has everything that I except when I'm thinking 'bout a good EDM song.



Today's post is full of 'not so happy' songs and I can't do anything with that, because I just found another one. Rather Be Dead is a third single from the forthcoming Evalyn's EP Sandcastle which will be out later this fall. If you still hasn't enough of dark, heartbreaking songs, then you have to listen to that one.

Evalyn - Rather Be Dead


Instead of being sad, we can try to be bad. Like those Bad Boys from the new Cardiknox song. Listening to that one is a really good way to end that day - it's a piece of catchy, funky pop that can remind you the 80's. And yeah, the vocalist sounds like my beloved Gwen Stefani.

Cardiknox - Bad Boys

środa, 27 września 2017

New Music #01/09

Hi there!

Long time no see!

I decided not to write about causes of my another hiatus. First I have to pass a little test - if I'll be still writing at the end of the October, then I'll write about why I was gone for so long. Now you only need to know that I had to fight some of my inner demons.

Now focus on the most important thing which is the music. Let's start with a track called REBEL SOUL by London / Los Angeles based duo called FARR. I've heard about them for the first time today - they released two more songs earlier that year and you definitely should listen to it but REBEL SOUL is their best so far. Why? Because we have a really cool vocal and a production that I can call intriguing, maybe even disturbing and I truly love that kind of electronica masterpieces.


official website

We know that guy for so long that I don't even know what more I can write about him and his productions. So I just say that (as always) you have to listen to the new song by Lucian that was made with Alyssa Jean.

Lucian - No Games (feat. Alyssa Jean)

twitter - Alyssa Jean

The first second of her voice made me flying high above the sky, leaving all my fears and worries behind. Sometimes a song is just beautiful - and Hold On by Lilla Vargen is one of these songs. Her voice reminds me of Kate Sproule from sorely missed Mt. Wolf. Lilla Vargen's debut EP is set for release soon.

Lilla Vargen - Hold On

There's nothing that gives me more power than a perfect EDM song. And when we're talking about that you should listen to the new Taska Black production called Dreaming which features vocals from irreplaceable Nevve.

Taska Black - Dreaming (feat. Nevve)

twitter - Nevve

The next one is Waltz Of Despair by Andrew Applepie and Sandra Bjurman. It's weird because when I've heard it for the first time, I thought only "meh". Then I've heard it again and I thought "wait, it's nice". Now I'm repeating it again and again. It has a really uplifting beat that makes you feelin' happy.

Andrew Applepie - Waltz Of Despair (feat. Bjurman)

facebook - Bjurman
twitter - Bjurman
official website - Bjurman

OK, I know that this one is not so "new" right now, but I've heard it for the first time today and it killed me. That song will make you think "Why? Why this guy isn't so famous as he deserves?". Because truly - Heartland by Tom Walker is stunning! I hope that video which was released a few days ago will make some noise about him.

Tom Walker - Heartland


official website

"Unique" is a word that I've got in my mind every time when I'm listening to Rationale's songs. His voice is unique, his look is unique, his songs are unique. Now we've got an another masterpiece from his upcoming debut album. It's called Into The Blue and is good as always (but still - Fuel Into The Fire is my favorite one).

Rationale - Into The Blue

official website

The last one has so positive vibes that I'm smiling while listening to it despite the fact that I'm back from a beautiful Scotland to my grey hometown in Poland and I'm ending my leave and I have to go to work tomorrow. If that's not power then I don't know what is? ;) If you need that feeling too, just listen to Over U by Enschway and Yeah Boy.

Enschway - Over U (feat. Yeah Boy)

facebook - Yeah Boy
twitter - Yeah Boy

Hope that you'll find me here tomorrow!

poniedziałek, 3 lipca 2017

New Music #01/07

Hi there! Let's start with a small summary - in June I wrote about 64 songs. It's more than ever in one month, so the conclusion is that I made two great decisions. At first, it was great to switch into English - I'm happy that you finally understand my scribbles! Secondly, writing about eight songs in one post is a definitely easier way for me to write about new music. I hope that July will be even better because I still have a few cool ideas for csgm. But, stop talking, let's go to the most important - music!

As you may expect, I have to start the new month with some electronic gems. The first one is made by sober rob and it's called Moving On. Whether I'm sober or not I like that song exactly the same. It surprised me because it's very progressive at the beginning and when I thought 'now... there'll be a drop...' - yeah, it was there, but it was totally different than I expected. Great!

sober rob - Moving On (ft. Karra)

official website - Karra

It's their first appearing on csgm, but I've heard about that UK collective a couple of times. I truly recommend you to listen to their earlier productions. I'll focus on the newest one - it's called Reset In Colour and it's quite extraordinary. It's starting like an electronic club banger, but when it comes to the chorus, we have that really cool guitar in the background which turns that song into indie-pop/rock vibes. Truly love it!


I still haven't stopped humming Bad Drug by Cosmos & Creature, and we already have their next appearing on csgm. This time it's a guest performance in a new Listenbee production called Children. And you know what? I'll probably hum it even longer because the lyrics in the hook are way easier to remember. I love that 'la la la la la' part - I'm almost sure that you'll gonna love it too, 'cause we're all just children.

Listenbee - Children (ft. Cosmos & Creature)

facebook - Cosmos & Creature
twitter - Cosmos & Creature
official website - Cosmos & Creature

Is 'kick and the snare all he'd prepared'? Of course not, because this 19-year old producer from Denmark gave us a lot more! Circles is a song with a really huuuuge hook and a pretty nice vocal too. Can't wait for next Dooqu productions because his kicks and snares are simply amazing!

Dooqu - Circles (ft. Ian Gott)

twitter - Ian Gott
official website - Ian Gott

San Holo's Light was one of the last songs that I wrote about in 2016. We have to wait a little bit for his another production, but finally - here it is! I could speak about The Future for a long time, but for what? It's the same dope as usual! So don't think about the future, just listen to it.

San Holo - The Future (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)

official website - James Vincent McMorrow

Have you found your summer favorite song yet? If not, I've got something for you! without u by Rad Cat is a song that you can listen to while pool-partying, lying on the beach or just simply riding your bike through the hood. It'll always be as same cool! 

Rad Cat - without u

That's why I hate all these breaks from running csgm - I'm missing a lot of great music. For example, I've never heard Sam Setton's My City, which is a really good pop song with a cool 80's vibes. If you made that mistake too, don't forget to listen to the original one. Today, however, I've got a remix of it which was made by Italian remixer James Envoud. With its future bass vibe, he totally adds a new dimension to it.

Sam Setton - My City (James Envoud Remix)


I played that song and I thought 'hmmm, nice, dark electronic - quite interesting'. So, as always when I like something, I scrolled down the e-mail to read some press information and I read that 'Tansav is an experimental electronic bass music producer from Poland. Creating dark...'. Wait, what?!? That guy is from my country and I've never even heard of him? I mean, WTF? OK, after the second hearing of the song I found that the bridge between 2:10 and 2:30 is a little bit too weird for me, but the rest of Away is so classy that I had to write about that one!

Tansav - Away (ft. Breakdown)