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New Music #05/06

It's Wednesday already, so we're closer to the weekend. Let's celebrate that with some good music.

Emmit Fenn finally released his debut EP. He's a frequent guest on csgm that month. I like all of his songs but Painting Greys was my favorite... until today, I think. It's because of the Stones - the seventh track from Prologue. I can't say that it's better than the Painting Greys yet, but it's at least as good. It has the same climate and that hook is amazing too! I recommend you to listen to the whole EP - it's really great!

Emmit Fenn - Stones

official website

I believe that I don't have to introduce JACKAL to you because that guy is well-known for his earlier productions. He released his highly-anticipated Endorphins EP two weeks ago - I've heard it today and I fell in love with Little Threads that is made with Foy. It's a really powerful one!

JACKAL - Little Threads (feat. Foy)

official website

I played that song for the first time and I thought "OMG, it's MJ... or Bruno Mars... or both of them". Then I opened a press pack and I have read "Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars in his sound". OK, so now I'm sure that I'm not deaf! But what about the song? Drench Me With Your Lust is the newest single by London-based producer AMiR and is so cool and full of good vibes that you immediately want to dance.

AMiR - Drench Me With Your Lust

official website

Must admit that this post is a little bit different than usual. Instead of electronic bangers, we've got a lot of indie-pop gems. Another one is Yosemite by London-based Hider. It's a really nice chillin' track with a lot of summer vibes and an interesting vocal. You can repeat it a whole day.

Hider - Yosemite

official website

Is there anyone here who doesn't like NoMBe's voice? I love it, but the original versions of his songs don't charm me so much. That's why I'm always trying to find some remixes of NoMBe's tracks. And when we're talking about Wait the best remix is made by James Carter. I don't know why but with all that electronic sounds even the background guitars sounds better.

NoMBe - Wait (James Carter Remix)

official website

You have to be really careful when you're trying to do something with any Lupe Fiasco song because that guy is so good at what he does. So, I've heard a lot of shitty remixes or covers of Lupe's songs, but I have to admit that this time we're dealing with a quite different situation. Rendition made by Noah., Rich The Kid and Sha Mula gives that song a second life. It's completely different than the original and probably that's why it's so great.

Noah. - Superstar (ft. Rich The Kid & Sha Mula)

facebook - Rich The Kid
twitter - Rich The Kid
facebook - Sha Mula
twitter - Sha Mula

Did you have a bad day? I have a recipe - lay down on your bed, open a bottle of your favorite beer (or whatever you like), take a big sip and play The Recipe by Kai Straw. I've heard this San Francisco's guy for the first time today but I have to hear his other songs because that one is simply great!

Kai Straw - The Recipe

official website

Ohhhh, good old new jack swing! If you're missing it you HAVE TO listen to the new song by Lido and THEY.. It really sounds like a mix of a best Bobby Brown's songs with some old N'Sync style. Yeah, I know that this description sounds awful, but the song not! To be honest, I'm fascinated by it.

Lido - Not Enough (ft. THEY.)

twitter - THEY.
official website - THEY.

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