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AnnSnake - Like a Huntingtrophy EP

Who: AnnSnake Instagram

Why: Because I know your mind...

Damn, I've broken 3 of my blogging rules with this post. The 1st one was that I'm always writing only one "Why" sentence that's related to the lyrics of the song, the 2nd is that I'm not sharing whole albums or EP's and the 3rd is that I'm sharing only songs that have 100% English language lyrics. But I swear to my headphones, it was really worth breaking these rules!

I'm not sharing songs in different languages because I consider lyrics as an integral part of the song and it's really hard for me to decide if I like the song when I don't know what it is about. That's why I was supposed to skip to another track when I've heard the "Gaslighting" for the 1st time. The beginning of the song is in the Korean language so I wasn't able to understand a single word but somehow... I listened to it to the end and then clicked on the "Repeat" button.

Even though I didn't understand the Korean part of the lyrics (AnnSnake mixes English with Korean in the whole EP) I completely drown in the magical atmosphere of this track. That made me decide to listen to the "Like a Huntingtrophy" EP and OMG... you really should stop reading now and check this album by yourself.

Incredible atmosphere, perfect production and mastering (it sounds extraordinary on good headphones) - that makes this EP one of the best pieces of art I've listened to in 2021 so far. Huge shoutout to "Ghostlip" who produced this album! Singer/songwriter "Tuff" also made an amazing work with her voice - sometimes she's mysterious, sometimes she's sexy and sometimes she sounds like a hunter - and you're the prey. Musically "Like a Huntingtrophy" EP is a modern electronic R&B mixed with deep trip-hop vibes, so if you're a fan of these genres don't even hesitate to check it! It's a masterpiece for me!

Below you can find 2 songs from the EP but I highly recommend you to listen to the full album!



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