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New Music #01/09

Hi there!

Long time no see!

I decided not to write about causes of my another hiatus. First I have to pass a little test - if I'll be still writing at the end of the October, then I'll write about why I was gone for so long. Now you only need to know that I had to fight some of my inner demons.

Now focus on the most important thing which is the music. Let's start with a track called REBEL SOUL by London / Los Angeles based duo called FARR. I've heard about them for the first time today - they released two more songs earlier that year and you definitely should listen to it but REBEL SOUL is their best so far. Why? Because we have a really cool vocal and a production that I can call intriguing, maybe even disturbing and I truly love that kind of electronica masterpieces.


official website

We know that guy for so long that I don't even know what more I can write about him and his productions. So I just say that (as always) you have to listen to the new song by Lucian that was made with Alyssa Jean.

Lucian - No Games (feat. Alyssa Jean)

twitter - Alyssa Jean

The first second of her voice made me flying high above the sky, leaving all my fears and worries behind. Sometimes a song is just beautiful - and Hold On by Lilla Vargen is one of these songs. Her voice reminds me of Kate Sproule from sorely missed Mt. Wolf. Lilla Vargen's debut EP is set for release soon.

Lilla Vargen - Hold On

There's nothing that gives me more power than a perfect EDM song. And when we're talking about that you should listen to the new Taska Black production called Dreaming which features vocals from irreplaceable Nevve.

Taska Black - Dreaming (feat. Nevve)

twitter - Nevve

The next one is Waltz Of Despair by Andrew Applepie and Sandra Bjurman. It's weird because when I've heard it for the first time, I thought only "meh". Then I've heard it again and I thought "wait, it's nice". Now I'm repeating it again and again. It has a really uplifting beat that makes you feelin' happy.

Andrew Applepie - Waltz Of Despair (feat. Bjurman)

facebook - Bjurman
twitter - Bjurman
official website - Bjurman

OK, I know that this one is not so "new" right now, but I've heard it for the first time today and it killed me. That song will make you think "Why? Why this guy isn't so famous as he deserves?". Because truly - Heartland by Tom Walker is stunning! I hope that video which was released a few days ago will make some noise about him.

Tom Walker - Heartland


official website

"Unique" is a word that I've got in my mind every time when I'm listening to Rationale's songs. His voice is unique, his look is unique, his songs are unique. Now we've got an another masterpiece from his upcoming debut album. It's called Into The Blue and is good as always (but still - Fuel Into The Fire is my favorite one).

Rationale - Into The Blue

official website

The last one has so positive vibes that I'm smiling while listening to it despite the fact that I'm back from a beautiful Scotland to my grey hometown in Poland and I'm ending my leave and I have to go to work tomorrow. If that's not power then I don't know what is? ;) If you need that feeling too, just listen to Over U by Enschway and Yeah Boy.

Enschway - Over U (feat. Yeah Boy)

facebook - Yeah Boy
twitter - Yeah Boy

Hope that you'll find me here tomorrow!

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