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New Music #02/09

I'm writing for the second day in a row - applause for me, please!

The first one today is an Enemy by our well-known duo - Oliver Tree & Whethan. If you liked their When I'm Down you'll know what to expect. With every song, I like Oliver Tree more and more and I think that it's time to call me his fan. I've got only one reservation - why is that song so short? I want more!

Oliver Tree & Whethan - Enemy

official website - Whethan

Another one was made by British/Chinese artist Lui Peng. It's called Demons and to be honest - it's not that new. It was released last year for the first time, so why is it here? Firstly - now is being distributed to major platforms, secondly - official video for it was released not so long ago and last but not least - I had an occasion to hear whole Demons EP yesterday and I must admit that it's a really good album. Demons is a smooth R&B/soul song but it shows its best when you're listening to it with its second chapter which features Che Lingo vocals. You'll be able to hear it tomorrow - after the release of an EP.

Lui Peng - Demons


official website

It's a first LAOISE appearance on csgm, but she might be known to some of you. She released her debut EP Halfway earlier that year and it received critical acclaim. Now she's back with the first song from her second EP which is due for release next spring. The single is called Rich and it's a slow, ethereal electro-synth piece of art.


official website

This Is Not A Movie. Of course it's not, it's a song! But if it was a movie, it would be a Magnolia or Crash. I can't say why but when I'm listening to PAVVLA song, I got the same feelings as I had while watching that movies. It's a dark song but at the same time it gives you some really warm feelings.

PAVVLA - This Is Not A Movie


Usually when I hear that someone makes an experimental music, I'm giving him the brush-off. Well, not this time! FKL is a duo composed of Joe Gillick and Sage Redman. They released their new single called Temporary today and it's a piece of a really good experimental pop which includes some electronic, synth vibes and even a little bit of jungle at the end. It sounds really good, so I'll be waiting for their next productions.

FKL - Temporary


Post without a huge EDM/Dance banger it's not a good post. That's why you can find here the new production made by Vancouver/San Francisco based duo BLU J. Their GOLDEN DREAMS has everything that I except when I'm thinking 'bout a good EDM song.



Today's post is full of 'not so happy' songs and I can't do anything with that, because I just found another one. Rather Be Dead is a third single from the forthcoming Evalyn's EP Sandcastle which will be out later this fall. If you still hasn't enough of dark, heartbreaking songs, then you have to listen to that one.

Evalyn - Rather Be Dead


Instead of being sad, we can try to be bad. Like those Bad Boys from the new Cardiknox song. Listening to that one is a really good way to end that day - it's a piece of catchy, funky pop that can remind you the 80's. And yeah, the vocalist sounds like my beloved Gwen Stefani.

Cardiknox - Bad Boys

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