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New Music #02/10

I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I was smoking that shit for 10 years and I thought that it's a good time to leave that addiction behind me. So, it's the first day and I'm quite calm, what's pretty surprising... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT SHITTY THUNDERBIRD AND WHY IT'S DUPLICATING MY E-MAILS?!? So, what about your Wednesday? Hope that you need some new music because that's what I've got for you.

The first one for today was made by Danish producer Gettic and it's his debut single. I loved that one after hearing the first sounds. It's an electronic pop with some tropical/summer vibes - it's perfect if you're starting to miss warm days. It also features the unique, amazing vocal by Clairity. Her voice fits the song perfectly! And I just can't get that sax sample out of my head!

Gettic - Sleepwalking (feat. Clairity)

Now you should taste something definitely slower and calmer. Jealousy is a song made by Jess Cornelius who's the frontman of the band Teeth & Tongue. It's the first single from her upcoming debut solo EP, which is called Nothing Is Lost and is out October 27. The song is simply beautiful - it sounds like Kate Bush who steals a guitar from someone. Pure art! All these radio pop stars should be jealous of that song. 

Jess Cornelius - Jealousy



If we're talking about pop stars - this is the pop which I want to hear in radio stations. Last time when I wrote about Super Duper's song I called his Nothing Scares Us an electro-pop gem. You know what? Nothing has changed, except the name of the track and a featured artist. Now it's a Never Gets Old and it was made with REMMI (you may know her from an amazing Lucian's Forever). This is that kind of pop which never gets old.

Super Duper - Never Gets Old (feat. REMMI)

twitter - REMMI
official website - REMMI

We're still in a pop vibes, but now it's a debut. Butter is a new artist out of Los Angeles and her first song is a cover of Palmistry's Lifted. She put a lot of cool pop sounds into that - thanks to that the song turned from a little bit strange electro track into great, summer pop song. Waiting for more from her!

Butter - Lifted

Another song - another debut! Meet XAINS who describes himself as 'raised by outlaw bikers with a penchant for Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline'. I don't know if you can hear that in his debut track called Set Me Off, but I'm sure that you can hear a smooth electronic beat with some perfect guitar in it. That's why you should check that one and keep an eye on XAINS.

XAINS - Set Me Off

I don't know why it's the first appearing of filous on csgm because that Austrian producer from Vienna already made some real masterpieces. Well, better late than never. His newest track is called For Love and it features the indie pop newcomer klei's vocals. What can I say about the track? Just listen to it and you'll understand quickly why I love it so much.

filous - For Love (feat. klei)

Do you remember phenomenal Put It On Me by Malika? If not, you can listen to it here. A month ago she released a new song called I Live - I found it today and it's so good that I had to write about it. I love that 90's vibes and a smooth beat produced by Bearcubs. Simply perfect!

Malika - I Live

Exactly three months ago I wrote about Children by Listenbee and Cosmos & Creature. Now it's back on csgm thanks to a great remix made by Attom. It's definitely more chillin' than the original one, so you should check it right now!

Listenbee - Children (feat. Cosmos & Creature) (Attom Remix)

twitter - Attom

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