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Why: Because WEIRDO is releasing new tracks rarely but when he does... Damn, it's always something interesting and fresh. His new EP is called "INSOMNIAC IDEAS" and it was released about a month ago. It contains 4 songs and as you could already deduce - the album's theme revolves around insomnia.

Well, I can say that I was familiar with this disease and I know how it feels to can't sleep because you have another conversation with distortion of the mind. You can't sleep because the voice in your head keeps saying "I wish you were dead". You can't sleep because you have sixteen problems at your feet and you're not sleeping so long that your body starts aching. Well, I love WEIRDO's lyrics and I highly recommend you watching the official video to the whole EP because it's a perfect visualization of the music and the lyrics.

Musically - it's a varied piece of electronic vibes. In "<#3BRKR" we have some crazy synth sounds, the atmosphere changes then - in "321MEOUT" it turns more into alt-rock vibes and then came back to the synth-based vibe in "MDRNMN". The "⩾﹏⩽ (BONUS SADNESS)" is a beautiful, acoustic, lo-fi outro that leaves us with our own thoughts about what it's like to suffer from insomnia (and to have a broken heart too).

What more can I say? I've already written a lot more words than I usually do, so don't waste your time and check the whole EP right now:

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