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New Favorite Band - KARMIC

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One of the best things in running a blog like mine is that I'm able to find my new favorite band or artist almost every day. Of course, all the songs that I'm sharing here are good in my opinion but finding an artist or band without a bad song in a discography is still amazing! That's why I remembered that the "blog" part in CSGMblog name exists and decided to write something longer than usual. Because I found a band that's definitely worth it!

It all started last Thursday when I received a private link to the new single of an LA-based band named KARMIC. Without further ado - "X Marks The Spot":

"X Marks The Spot"

Uplifting beat? Checked! Memorable voices? Checked! Great lyrics? Checked! OK, they've marked the spot! Now it's time for the most terrifying part in finding a new artist or band - checking the rest of the songs. Because when you moved through the muddy tides and you found a chest you want it to be full of treasures! You want to find your air there and let it float to the surface. Fortunately, KARMIC showed what their worth is with their next song:


I was feeling an unpleasant pressure before I clicked the "Play" button, but it was falling down with every sound of this amazing track! It's another masterpiece and it's slightly different than "X Marks The Spot". While the first song I checked by KARMIC was an uplifting pop, this time we're dealing with a song that will perfectly suit club dancefloor during upcoming summer. One more time we got the great lyrics and a perfect production! I liked "Pressure" even more than the "X Marks The Spot", so I had to check the rest of their songs. This time without pressure - rather with a pleasant - I jumped into the unknown because you'll never know if you don't try!

"Higher Self"

So, let's check the "Higher Self". In the beginning, the song is based on a catchy guitar riff which reminded me of some of The White Stripes songs, but then came the chorus and... What the...? We're on the dancefloor again but this time it's the '80s in its full! OK, I got you, KARMIC! You're tricky, you're mixing genres and you can't be pigeonholed so easily! We even got a funky bridge on the third part of the song! It was the moment that I understood that KARMIC is my new favorite band. Their songs made me better, their songs made me fuller, their songs made me bright! And the lyrics - shit, I don't have words to determine how much I love them!

"Wisdom Pie"

You know, when you're listening to songs as tasty as the KARMIC's masterpieces, you may feel as you ate a slice of a wisdom pie. I don't even have to think about how to describe the band because they did it perfectly by themselves: "KARMIC is a co-female fronted electronic pop band known for melding genre lines. Taking a unique approach to pop, pulls a whirl of colorful guitar and bass riffs, to a cadence of bright melodic synths and driving 80's dance beats. Their music sends a powerful message highlighting life's treasures, risk-taking, and creating change to better society.". I can only add that I really needed their peace of mind!


I really hope that KARMIC won't stop making their music because I'm still hungry for more. They're amazing and they truly deserve being a well-known band all over the world! Because they're warriors and I hope that now it's their time to take what they deserve. And they deserve to be the ones who rule...


Everything is in its place in their songs. And they are surprising me with almost every track. Let's take the "Phases" - we're starting from a modern, slightly dark electro-pop which is suddenly turning into sunny vibes which reminds me of some of the '90s songs from bands like Ace of Base. What a phase! While you're listening to KARMIC you may feel as you're riding the best rollercoaster in the world - you don't know what's waiting for you around the next bend, but you may be sure that the route can turn 180 degrees anytime! Because they ride me through the '80s parties, through the '90s beaches, through the best modern electronic pop and now we've stopped at the "Beautiful Nostalgia" station. Just listen to their cover of one of my favorite's melodies of all time:

"Auld Lang Syne"

They have more songs in their discography, but I don't want to show you everything here. Just check their SoundCloud profile, listen to the rest of their tracks, follow the band and share info about KARMIC everywhere. Because they totally deserve it! Because they're my new favorite band! If you're still uncertain that they're the best - check how they sound live:

"Higher Self" - Live at Sofar Los Angeles

Find the songs in "CSGM loves KARMIC" playlists:
Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2DLG66q
Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/2VK3Sdn

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